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Client testimonials

Our results speak for themselves. Hridya Medicine is the antidote to subjective cure

Emily Georgio Hridya Medicine.png

Emily Georgio

Hridya Medicine client  (London, UK)

My breast cancer is gone! I feel it's not there any more. This programme has made a huge difference in my life. My relation to my medical condition has massively changed. It used to get me down everyday, I felt depressed & that created more chest pains. Now the only time its talk about is when someone asks me… and they are surprised when I say, it's gone! It's not there any more!”

Recovered from breast cancer

Allen Goodman

Hridya Medicine client (Warwick, UK)

It has made a huge improvement to my life. Everyone has noticed my changes. My blood pressure has dropped! I was quite shocked because I have had my heart "recalibrated", I panicked a little bit! Two years ago, I couldn't walk 500  yards,  I was out of breath and I am doing 10 miles now! To where I was before the meditations and the course, there's been a very large improvement”

Recovering from cardiovascular disease & prostate cancer

Allen Goodman Hridya Medicine.png
Hridya Medicine Image.png

Hridya Medicine

Beyond Biomedicine

Hridya Medicine™ Health Regeneration programmes have shown remarkable benefits for patients with chronic illnesses, including cancers, psychopathology, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, emotional trauma, neurological disorders, addiction disorders, mental health issues, anxiety and depression.​ 

Perwinder Virdi

Hridya Medicine client (Manchester, UK)

“I have drank alcohol on and off for 30 years. After Hridya Medicine, I no longer have a reliance on alcohol. I have lost loads of weight and I am so much healthier. My quality of life has improved vastly as I not letting the illness or issues exacerbate. I know through Hridya Medicine I have the cure, to the point that I don't think I need to rely on medication, and there was a phase when I didn’t take it.
I feel great"

Recovering from addictive behaviour & related illnessess

Perwinder Virdi Hridya Medicine.png
Kiran Lohia Hridya medicine.png

Kiran Lohia

Hridya Medicine client (Birmingham, UK)

“I have struggled with auto immune issues for years and have seen many healthcare practitioners with little success. Intense healing has took place at all levels through Hridya Medicine. It has helped me to completely transform. I just feel a completely different person, and those around me are also saying it. My immunity has shot through the roof. Hridya Medicine goes way beyond the physical, it is a system of true whole health healing. From the inside out”

Cured from emotional trauma & auto immune illness

Cloretta Barnes

Hridya Medicine client (Coventry, UK)

There has been significant psychological and emotional improvements. The change for me its all been within. Completely from within.  Change other people could see, I could feel. I can not doubt that change. When concerns pop into me, (panic inducing- when confronted with change) I deal with it differently. How I am dealing with it has changed"

Recovering from chronic fatigue & related illnesses

Cloretta Barnes Hridya Medicine.png
Paul Cleaves Hridya Medicine.png

Paul Cleaves

Hridya Medicine client (Coventry, UK)

 "There are changes and the changes are quite amazing. I knew this was going to work. When I was in hospital the pain was bad, now it has gone down to 0% during Hridya Medicine. I was amazed. My speech has improved and I am able to effectively manage my pain more. My eye, which I had many issues with, have improved overtime. I can see better and I know it will further improve. I will be able to read more. Those things are amazing. There have been masses amount of improvement.

For me this is fantastic"

Recovering from stroke, post-cancer and neurological related illnesses

Bajinder Panesar

Hridya Medicine client (London, UK)

Sitting and reflecting, there has been so many changes. I was really strugging with the diagnosis I had . Mentally before I was having meltdowns, I wasn’t coping. After Hridya, these meltdowns have actually subsides. I can recognise what is happening internally and i can cope with it better.  I feel a lot better and calmer in all regards. I feel there have been mild to moderate  improvement in my symptoms, condition and quality of life"

Recovering from breast cancer

Bajinder Panesar Hridya Medicine.png
Neelu Kalsi Hridya Medicine.png

Neelu Kalsi

Hridya Medicine client (London, UK)

Hridya Medicine has put a stop to my mental and emotional turmoil, it has given me inner confidence. My thought process has changed. I am less reliant on medication anymore. I am not letting my illness and issues exaggerate. I am no longer worried about my conditions. That is a big thing for me. This self-awareness and my quality of life has really improved. My anger has lessened and I don't react as much. Transpersonally, I have had phenomenal experiences through the meditations and felt deep self-healing in my body”

Recovering from cardiovascular illness & trauma recovery

Harjeet Ashta

Hridya Medicine client (New York, USA)

Ive been sick for 25 years and this is a tremendous change for the amount of time, just 6 months. Hridya Medicine has made me much more self-compassion and accepting. I have better control of my mind and emotions and with that I feel my physical will get better. It's been phenonemal. It's just been incredible. It has been a game changer in my medical journey and improved my health. Everything is connected. I am just so thankful”

Recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome, MS and related illnesses

Harjeet Ashta Hridya Medicine.png

Watch our Client Testimonials

Watch our Client Testimonials

Watch our Client Testimonials
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