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Transpersonal Health

Hridya Medicine's advanced approach to optimal well-being facilitates the nurturing of authentic transpersonal dimensions of health and vitality, seamlessly integrating spiritual intelligence (SQ) and spiritual insight into a path toward ultimate spiritual wellness, harmoniously applicable to daily living. This spiritual (transpersonal) well-being is inherently tied to consciousness and can be genuinely transmitted by individuals holding authentic lineages, often referred to as masters within wisdom traditions. These accomplished individuals have personally achieved both the states and stages of consciousness through direct experiential realization.

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Hridya Medicine unlocks the hidden priceless jewel contained within each and every heart

Hridya Medicine, being universal in its scope, finds relevance across all consciousness-based traditions. This inclusivity encompasses but is not limited to practices such as the Ten Bulls of Zen, the Ox Herder's journey in Taoism, the progression through the Seven Stations or Seven Valleys of Islam, the transformative path of the Six Mansions in Christianity, as elucidated by St. Teresa of Ávila, the holistic understanding of the Seven Chakras in Hinduism, the exploration of the Panj (Five) Khand in Gurmat, the ethical pursuit of the Eightfold Path in Buddhism, the comprehensive Eight Limbs of Yoga as outlined by Patanjali, and the profound insights offered by the Tree of Life with its ten interconnected Sefirot in Kabbalah. 

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Watch our Client Testimonials

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Our advanced health regeneration programmes are trained to help you achieve homeostasis, psychological healing, symptom relief, and a deep sense of subjective cure that goes beyond conventional medicine. We believe that every individual is unique, and our wholistic approach to healthcare takes into account your individual needs and goals. Start your journey in unlocking the secret to health-regeneration.


'I acknowledge that the information provided in this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I consent to participate in a Hridya Medicine consultation and understand that the outcomes may vary for each individual'. Our team will review the information to ensure a personalised and supportive Hridya Medicine experience for you. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey towards well-being and healing with Hridya Medicine.

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